Welcome to mother hash - a men only Chapter

When:               Monday 22nd December 2014 @ 6:00PM

Run No:            3707

Site:                  Equine Park (Jalan Tasik 1)


Hare:                PATRICK 'PLASTIC MAN' KOAY 012-388 0806

Co hares:         Mystery Co hares


Find your way to KL - Seremban Highway.

Exit left onto Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil.

After the Shell and Petronas stations, keep left and turn into Persiaran Puncak Jalil.

Drive along the road for about 3.8km and turn left onto Persiaran Puncak Jali 1.

Go straight and turn right onto Perisaran Lestari Perdana 5.

Drive all the way until you see the first roundabout.

At the roundabout, take a 3 o’clock turn and drive straight.

At the second roundabout, take a 9 o’clock turn.

Go straight.

At the third roundabout, take a 3 o’clock turn onto Jalan Tasik 1.

 The runsite is right ahead.


Male guests are most welcome on our runs. We try to make the directions as clear as possible so you can find your way there.

Guest fees - normal run:  RM 50.  Gazetted Run: RM 80.

Overseas guests can always call one of our committee to arrange for a lift.