Welcome to mother hash - a men only Chapter

When:               Monday 24th November 2014 @ 6:00PM

Run No:            3703

Site:                  Taman Agroteknologi


Hare:                 Teh Eng Onn 60143639100

Co hares:         Mystery Co hares


  • Transport yourself to Hulu Langat by your favourite route, for instance from the Cheras-Kajang highway, pass Phoenix Plaza, then exit for Pekan Hulu Langat immediately after the first toll you encounter. Keep left at traffic lights about 900m after the exit and you will be on the B52 to Hulu Langat, then:
  • Zero tripmeter at the traffic lights in the centre of town, by the mosque at the crossroads.
  • Drive North-East on road B52, in the direction of Pekan Batu 18 and Pangsun
  • At 1.4 km, turn left towards Taman Agroteknologi (look for the large sign "AGROTEK TECHNOLOGI RESORT)
   At about 5.5 km, arrive at runsite



Male guests are most welcome on our runs. We try to make the directions as clear as possible so you can find your way there.

Guest fees - normal run:  RM 50.  Gazetted Run: RM 80.

Overseas guests can always call one of our committee to arrange for a lift.