Hash BaZaar


Come join our biggest & CRAZIEST BaZaar Room. What to expect at the BaZaar?
  • 30~40 booths of hash haberdashery from all over the world
  • BaZaar Room opening hours to be made known later
  • Advertise your events, booth and products in the Motherhash 80th Magazine 2018 to boost business opportunities for a small fee
  • Table included 6 or 8 ft depending on your needs - Electrical supply provided upon request
  • Locked room for off hours for safe keeping

BaZaar Vendors:-

TBA…………(List of Vendors to be included later)

Contact Hardy at your earliest convenience to reserve your space at the BaZaar room. dhaliwal27@gmail.com

No commitment needed at this time, we want to know who is interested and what they will bring and what your needs are.  If interested in advertising in the Motherhash 80th Magazine let us know so we can get the magazine folks involved.

About Us

The world’s first hash chapter fondly known as Mother Hash was officially registered in Dec 1938. Mother Hash runs on Mondays at 1800 hours. Our runs are typically 8 to 12 KM & occasionally you may be lucky to get a 15 KM run.
So you need balls to run with Mother. And here is a life time opportunity. Don’t miss it.

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