Pre & Post Rambles

As Motherhash welcomes back hashers from all over the world to the cradle and the Eden of hashdom, for a grand extravaganza, we invite you to be part of the largest congregation of hashers by hosting a Pre or Post ramble. To make the 80th anniversary of Motherhash an interesting & memorable one, the Organising Committee invites Hash Chapters from Malaysia, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore & Thailand etc to get involved by volunteering to organise interesting Pre & Post Rambles.

Interested chapters may forward the following details to

  1. Name of Chapter
  2. City or State & Country 
  3. Contact Person’s email add & HP no (with country code)
  4. Proposed dates – Pre or Post
  5. Maximum number of hashers allowed
  6. Registration Form or proposed method – may be given later
  7. Registration Fee & what it includes – may be given later
  8. Accommodation arrangement – may be provided later
  9. Proposed Run Site – may be confirmed much later
  10. Proposed program – may be provided later

No one Chapter or Country can make an international event successful by itself, hence we invite you to join us to make it happen. For the moment we would only like to know your intention, if your Chapter is interested.

About Us

The world’s first hash chapter fondly known as Mother Hash was officially registered in Dec 1938. Mother Hash runs on Mondays at 1800 hours. Our runs are typically 8 to 12 KM & occasionally you may be lucky to get a 15 KM run.
So you need balls to run with Mother. And here is a life time opportunity. Don’t miss it.

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