Want to Transfer Your Rego?

You have already registered but cannot cum? You may sell or transfer your rego here. Contact us with these details : Your Rego No, Name, Hash Name, Hash Chapter, Email add, Price and any notes. 

Completing seller and buyer process:

Once you have come to an agreement between buyer and seller, please take the following steps to complete your registration transfer.

Seller to the Motherhash 80th 2018 committee:

Letter of authority that contains authorisation of transfer of registration including the payment status and signature. It is a must, as proof of “I MEAN IT’!!! Only fully paid regos may be transferred. Click here for sample.

Seller to Motherhash 80th 2018 committee:

Complete registration form. Download pdf copy from registration page and email to Pay any outstanding payment balance (if registration was not fully paid)

The Motherhash committee will then:

Process the registration.  Seller’s status will become “TRANSFERED”.  Buyer will be given new registration number and status based on the rego completeness. Email buyer about new registration number, status & registration bar code

The buyer‘s action after receiving the information:

Come to the registration check in bring along registration bar code & ID for authentication & registration. Have fun!

About Us

The world’s first hash chapter fondly known as Mother Hash was officially registered in Dec 1938. Mother Hash runs on Mondays at 1800 hours. Our runs are typically 8 to 12 KM & occasionally you may be lucky to get a 15 KM run.
So you need balls to run with Mother. And here is a life time opportunity. Don’t miss it.

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