Welcome to mother hash - a men only Chapter

When:               MONDAY 29TH AUGUST 2016 @ 6:00PM

Run No:            3797

Site:                 BUKIT RAWANG PERDANA


Hare:              CHAI KIN SANG  - 016 - 314 3682

Co hares:Co hares:         MYSTERY CO-HARES


Drive to Rawang town from KL- Ipoh old trunk road .Meet the first traffic light where Tesco in your left hand side . Drive through the 1st , 2nd & 3rd traffic lights.

After passing the 3rd traffic,Look out for the 4th traffic light about 500 meters  away and only turn right direction. SAN YIK Chinese secondary school is on your right hand side before u made a right turn.Turn right and look out for hash signs. Follow hash sign to run site.


Male guests only are most welcome on our runs. We try to make the directions as clear as possible so you can find your way there.

Guest fees - normal run:  RM 50.  Gazetted Run: RM 80.

Overseas guests can always call one of our Committee to arrange for a lift.